About Me

Hello, I am Casper! I'm a year old programmer and student based in Belgium. I adore building accessible and fast code. I'm also a big fan of open-source, I contribute to open-source as much as I can, I also have many open-source projects of my own.

I have been developing web applications, Discord bots and npm packages for over 2 years and love it! I'm learning something new almost every day! I am currently focusing on frontend web development. Specifically working with React.js, TypeScript, CSS, HTML and much more!

I also like interacting with GitHub repositories to expand my knowledge about technologies and web development in general.

When I'm not programming or in school, I enjoy to go mountain biking in my local town. I also love skiing!

PS: If there is something that you'd like to know more about me, don't hesitate to contact me!



  • Remix.run

    Heard a lot of good things about Remix.run and decided to try it out myself. I really like it, great DX and super fast ⚑!

  • Created SnailyCADv4

    Re-creating SnailyCADv3 as SnailyCADv4 with tons of improvements and new features.

  • new-tab

    Published my first Firefox addon

  • React Redux -> MobX

    Rewrote notey.app to use MobX instead of Redux. A lot of boilerplate code gone πŸ‘!

  • JavaScript questions quiz

    Created a markdown parser that creates a JavaScript questions quiz to get better at JavaScript!

  • Flag guesser

    Created a flag guessing game to learn the flags of countries.

  • Q-Music player

    A website to listen to all Q-Music channels in one place with ease!

  • FreeCodeCamp

    Started doing some more courses on FreeCodeCamp and got their Responsive Web Design Certificate!

  • home-inventory

    Created a project called 'home-inventory' to keep track of items in your home (food items, tech, medical supplies, etc.). Started this project to learn more and keep track of stuff in my house πŸ˜„.

  • @casper124578/useful

    Created another npm package called '@casper124578/useful'. This package includes useful React hooks and functions

  • Pastebin clone

    Created a Pastebin clone using next.js, faunaDB, next-auth and next-api-decorators. Again, an amazing developer experience πŸ’»

  • notey.app

    Rewritten my notes application with next.js and TypeScript. It's so fast ⚑!

  • Blog

    Created my custom blog to post ✨special✨ things!

  • Discord clone

    Started working on a Discord clone using React, TypeScript and socket.io

  • pastebin-api

    Created a simple npm package to interact with the Pastebin API πŸ’»

  • jobZyndicate

    Joined the amazing team at Zyndicate πŸŽ‰!