Who am I?

Hey there! Let's get straight to it! I'm Casper, a motivated frontend developer and student based in Belgium. I started back when I was a 14-year-old kid that had an extreme passion for creating stuff, building simple static web pages and expanding my CSS knowledge by recreating awesome designs. I've continued to grow and evolve as a developer, taking on new challenges and learning the latest technologies along the way.

Now, at the age of 18, four years after starting my web development journey, I'm building cutting-edge web applications using the latest technologies such as React.js, Next.js, TypeScript, and much more.

When I'm not in full-on developer mode, you will find me blasting down a dirt track or the streets of my city. There's nothing quite like the rush of adrenaline that comes from going ultra-fast, and for me, there's no better way to experience that than on my trusty mountain bike.

Work Experience

Tools I use

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I try to regularly update the timeline with new accomplishments and achievements. Start scrolling down to experience the timeline!

Fairphone Landing Page

May 2023 - project

Was able to create a landing page for Fairphone's 10th anniversary! First time doing SVG/Image manipulation in the browser via WASM, works great.

New website design

April 2023

Took some time off from my other projects to focus on a completely new website design. I think it paid off! It looks much cleaner and more professional. It's also a bit more lively :)

Personal Time

February 2023

In 2022, I've worked extremely hard to get to where I am today. I've learned a lot and I'm very happy with the progress I've made. However, in 2023, I want to take some more time to focus on myself, school and expand SnailyCAD even more.


February 2023

Finally bought a new domain for SnailyCAD. This will expand the community and improve user experience.

SnailyCADv4 alpha


Re-creating SnailyCADv3 as SnailyCADv4 with tons of improvements and new features.


November 2022

Added a new light theme and tons of improvements to my older blog posts.


2022 - learning

Finally decided to learn a bit more about Svelte and SvelteKit. It's an amazing language to write in. It's super clean and simple!

GitHub Sponsors


I was able to enable GitHub Sponsors for my GitHub account.


2022 - job

Started a new job as a student at a Stampix. Working full-stack on admin & customer dashboards.



Created a simple npm package to interact with the Pastebin API 💻

Blog ✨


Added a blog to my website, this will be used to publish articles on coding and will also include code snippets.

Home Inventory


Created a project called Home Inventory to keep track of items in your home (food items, tech, medical supplies, etc.). Started this project to learn more and keep track of stuff in my house 😄.



Obtained the Responsive Web Design Certificate from FreeCodeCamp!


2021 - learning

Created many simple Next.js applications that allow me to learn more about world flags and JavaScript.


2021 - learning

Rewrote notey.app to use MobX instead of Redux. A lot of boilerplate code gone 👏!



Published my first Firefox addon: a new tab experience with weather and date widgets and more.


2021 - learning

Heard a lot of good things about Remix.run and decided to try it out myself. I really like it, great DX and super fast ⚡!



Obtained a certificate on JavaScript from SoloLearn



Recreated my Discord bot and made it even better, learned a lot from my beginner mistakes ;)


2020 - learning

Started learning TypeScript. I'm liking it and It's going great so far!


2020 - job

Joined the amazing team at Zyndicate 🎉!

Digital Era


2018, '19 were the years I fully got into programming and computers



between the years of 2010 and 2017, LEGO was all I played with and wanted to do more with it, made many creations from vehicles to robots. Back then, I had always wanted to do something with Engineering.

The start


The year I was born