TreeCommon PoppySunriseFlying to Belgium from DenmarkLovely DoggoVenus conjunction with SaturnCapitol of DenmarkView in the Ardenne - BelgiumA rainbow!View of the harber in KøbenhavnFoggy morningSkiing in France (Valandry)A Beautiful sunAmazing view of the skiesBeautiful SunsetLarge treesBeautiful sun Beautiful view of the skyCat posesBeautiful SunriseBeautiful view of the skyBeautiful SunsetCat trying to get attentionView from the plane on a small islandCat sitting on the couch
Focussed on a stickSunrise behind treesSunny characterBright Sunrise Moon sticking out :)Beautiful SunrisePoster in GentView in the Ardenne - BelgiumBeautiful SunriseBeautiful sunLaylaCold sunriseThick clouds and a treeView of the skiesBeautiful view of sky and a windmill A beautiful cloudBeautiful view of the skyCylcing trailView on the fieldsSmall tree, large toweramazing view of the sunBeautiful SunsetHome RulesView from the plane
Sun highSunriseAmazing view from the planeLovely SunsetMoon sticking out :)Beautiful view of the sun and a walking trailView in the moutains in France - ValandryBeautiful sunriseView of the oceanLaylaWarm sunriseCold sunriseLonely treeInto the darkness - view of the horizonClose up of treeThe skiesBeautiful view of the skyCat posesBeautiful Sunset on a cycling trailBeautiful view of the skyBeautiful SunriseBeautiful SunsetA deer lurking in the distanceCat sitting on the couch