A list of my projects that I'm proud of. All my projects are available on GitHub.

  • SnailyCAD

    An open source, web-based Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) for communities who love police roleplaying and dispatching. Adored by many communities.

  • GhostyBot

    An open source and feature-rich Discord bot with over 160 commands. Used in over 250 servers and 130 000 users.

  • pastebin-api

    A simple npm package to interact with the Pastebin api. Downloaded over 70.000 times on npm.


    A notes app to keep track of important things and share notes with others. Used to take personal notes for studies and quick notes.

  • Home inventory

    A home inventory app to keep track of items in your home (food items, tech, medical supplies, etc.).

  • Terminal

    Functional terminal clone with working keyboard shortcuts and commands, based on my personal ZSH theme made with React, Vite and Tailwind CSS.

  • new-tab

    This replaces the new-tab screen with a great looking dashboard that display the current time and weather with more widgets available.