I am Casper

Frontend web developer

Hello, I am Casper! I am a 15 year old programmer and student. I enjoy programming a lot. I've created websites, Discord bots, npm packages, etc. I am a self taught developer and I have been programming for ~2 years and still learning new technologies every day, mostly focusing on React, TypeScript and design.

My Backpack


pastebin clone

A Pastebin clone using next.js, faunaDB, next-auth and next-api-decorators.


A notes app to keep track of important things and share notes with others


An open source Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) for a game called FiveM, this is a web based integration for communities who love police roleplaying and dispatching.


A very simple pastebin npm package to interact with the pastebin api!


A simple node.js wrapper for mysql, simplified


A Discord bot with a lot of commands for Discord communities. (+180 commands) Economy, util, fun, music, admin and xp system

Statistics Dashboard

A fully responsive statistics dashboard made with plain CSS, HTML and a little bit of JavaScript

Other projects

You can view all my other projects on GitHub below


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