home-inventory case study

August 19, 2021

3 min read



home-inventory is a web application to keep track of items in your house such as food items, medical supplies, tech, etc.

GitHub Repository: Open GitHub Repository


The main idea for home-inventory was to create a web app with an overview of what's in your house. The UI had to look modern and feel smooth. There had to be a dashboard to see a quick overview of what was low on quantity, was about to expire, how much was spend the last month, etc. There also had to be plenty of options to customize the product to its needs. Able to import and export products was also an important feature to add, this allows users to easily import/export products into new accounts or houses.

The ability to add users to a house was also a must so they could manage products and view the dashboard.

All of these ideas are pretty much fully implemented.

Future ideas

I'm planning on adding image support so items can be easily identified by their image. Improvements to mobile responsiveness, notes field and user roles are also on the list.


home-inventory is built with Next.js and React.js on the frontend. The backend uses expressjs and prisma.

Frontend technogolies

home-inventory uses redux for state management, I have pretty good experience in redux. Hence the reason I chose to use it again. I'm also using sass (scss) modules to get a bit more experience in scss. Found a package that can generate TypeScript definition files for these scss modules: typed-scss-modules, 100% recommended if you're using TypeScript and scss modules.

Backend technogolies

First time using Prisma and postgress, I'm in love! Amazing developer experience. Using yup as user validation module, Created an npm helper module for yup so I can use it across my other projects.


  • Manage products
    • Set a name, price, quantity, category, expiration date and more.
    • Select multiple products to delete, edit products
  • Create/edit categories to categorize products
  • Manage users
    • Add users to a house
    • Delete users from a house.
  • Great UI/UX
  • Privacy focused

Full tech stack


  • React.js
  • Next.js
  • Redux
  • scss modules


  • Expressjs
  • Prisma
  • PostgresSQL


  • Docker Compose
  • Husky
  • ESLint
  • Prettier
  • TypeScript