Setting up SnailyCADv3 on Windows

April 04, 2021

3 min read


Getting started

Deprecation warning

SnailyCADv3 will be archived on 2021-12-31. SnailyCADv4 is currently in stable beta and ready to be used! Check SnailyCADv4 out here

This is a Windows guide for installing SnailyCAD. You can view the Linux (Ubuntu) guide here.


Before starting the installation of SnailyCAD, you need to have the follow installed on your machine:

Setting up XAMPP

If you already have XAMPP setup or another MySQL database, you can skip to Installing SnailyCAD.

After successfully installing XAMPP, open the XAMPP Control Panel

You should see something like this:


Now we'll start both Apache and MySQL by clicking the Start button.

If started successfully, you can now access http://localhost/phpmyadmin in your browser

Let's create the database and insert the snaily-cad.sql file

In the sidebar you can see a link: "New", click that, it should look something like this:


Enter snaily-cad in the input field then click Create.

Once finished creating the database, you can should see a navbar at the top, click the import button:


Now a new window should appear, click the browse... button and select the snaily-cad.sql file. It's located in the root folder of SnailyCAD. After selecting it you can click the Go button on the bottom right corner.


🎉 You've successfully setup XAMPP and MySQL for SnailyCAD! If you're experiencing issues, feel free to join our Discord server.

Installing SnailyCAD

Firstly, open your command prompt

Once opened, we'll need to clone down the code, run the following command:

git clone

Once that's finished, we can go into the SnailyCAD folder with the following command:

cd snaily-cadv3

Now we need to install all the dependencies to run the CAD. Run the following command:

This can take several minutes to finish, please be patient!

npm install

Once it has finished installing, you can open windows file explorer and navigate to the folder where you installed SnailyCAD. (Keep the command prompt open)

Now you should see the following files and folders:


If you don't see the file extensions (.js, .md, .sql, ...) I recommend enabling this

Now navigate into the src folder and look for the config.example.ts file. Copy and rename this file to config.ts.

Your server folder should look like this now:


Now open the config.ts file with notepad or any other text-editor. You can view more information about what the values mean here.

Once modified, make sure to save the config file (CTRL + S).

Now you can go back to your command prompt from earlier and run the following command:

npm start

This will start SnailyCAD.

Woohoo 🎉🎉

You've successfully installed SnailyCAD!

You can now open http://localhost:3030 in your browser.

Further support and questions

If you have any other questions or need help installing SnailCAD, feel free to join the Discord server.